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KISS for bulk addresses

KISS (convener) can reach many recipients at once. When time is of the essence, it handles the communication, passes on instructions and waits for a response.

The system helps in an emergency and in everyday duties. It is useful across the entire organization. Working with KISS is easy and fast.

  • It reaches out to recipients in bulk and collects responses

  • It is prepared for common and unexpected situations

  • Includes a tool for convening a crisis team

  • Allows you to inform recipients across the board

  • Shows location and status on a map

  • Addresses by voice, SMS, email and app

  • Ready for all types of devices

  • No need to install anything

  • Allows interfacing with hardware (SOS buttons, sensors)

O Systému

KISS can quickly inform a large number of recipients. By voice, text message, email and mobile app alerts. If needed, it collects the responses of those contacted and acts on them.

  • Contact alternates if recipients do not respond

  • Escalating information to higher ups

  • Choosing a different method of outreach

  • Sending confirmation that everything went well

It may happen that KISS does not reach someone. (Maybe the recipient is out of signal or hasn't turned on their phone yet.)

In this case, it can repeat the address.

Instructions are stored in KISS,

as to whom the system should contact

in certain situations - these are called scenarios. You can prepare as many of these scenarios as you like in KISS.

As soon as a message is sent, you will be able to see who has received the information and who has not yet. To make working with KISS as pleasant as possible, you will see everything nicely expressed in graphs.

Why choose KISS

Fully automatic solution solution 

Another way that KISS offers is to send out regular information (meeting invitations, reminders, instructions for employees). The system contacts the recipient at a pre-scheduled time. The addressing itself is also convenient in that KISS converts the written message into spoken form. Equally useful is the function for setting the importance of the addressee - managers or professional employees can be prioritized when addressing. Additional KISS modules provide, for example, the possibility to contact recipients in a selected area or to trigger an address at the touch of a button. 







The system speeds up communication in times of crisis and during normal operation.

In stressful situations, it eliminates confusion in addressing, and under normal circumstances, it saves time and money - in both cases using pre-prepared communication scenarios. KISS is easy to work with, plus you don't have

to install anything.


For all devices 

It doesn't matter what device you're using; you can start reaching out from any computer, phone or tablet.



phones, tablets



phones, tablets, computers


iOS, MacOS

phones, tablets, computers




What if you need to call a crisis team urgently and you only have your mobile phone? No need to rush to the computer or start flipping through the employee phone book. Use your mobile phone to automatically contact people and KISS will take care of everything... 


The user interface is now available in three languages. The text of the address itself can be in any of seventeen languages. The system converts your message into a voice, and the recipient can listen to it not only in Czech, but also in English, German and other languages...


Extension of KISS functions

In its basic version, the call system offers a number of functions. The core is mass communication and summoning. If you are one of the more demanding customers, you can choose from various system extensions. There are modules for working with maps, mobile applications or connection to hardware.


KISS as a kit

The basis of KISS is mass communication - reaching several recipients at once, collecting feedback, and possibly other follow-up steps. For more demanding customers, we have additional modules that bring a lot of useful functions.



The KISS module will help crisis managers during natural disasters, emergencies, mass casualties and similar unpleasant situations. The module offers scenarios for crisis teams.



The module is interesting especially for cities and municipalities. Citizens themselves determine what type of information they are interested in (e.g. parking on a selected street). The system sends them the requested information automatically.



This module is suitable for companies and organizations whose employees are in the field or need to be monitored indoors. The MAPS module offers location and status monitoring.



This extension of the system allows to connect the Convener with surrounding systems. It is worth mentioning the possibility of connecting to hardware, in practice it looks like you can summon addressees by pressing a button.



The MOBIL module is an option for companies or institutions that want to offer communication via a mobile application. The application receives PUSH notifications, it is also possible to reach people in a certain area.



SHARP also provides summoning, however its philosophy and use are a bit different. It is a software that contacts volunteer rescuers already in the vicinity of a person with a serious health problem.

MAPS module

If you need to reach recipients in mass while keeping track of their movements and current status, the Convener is the ideal choice. With this module you can see where the person is. The Caller allows you to contact recipients in the selected area.

  • Person monitoring

  • Locating employees in the field

  • Control of personnel in hazardous areas

  • Ability to detect unusual conditions

  • Trajectory trace back

  • Ability to reach recipients in a specific area


The MAPS module is the perfect helper for companies that need to track employee movements in the field. In addition, it can also check the location and status of people inside buildings.


The MOBIL module extends the call system with another type of communication - you can reach the recipients on their phones thanks to PUSH notifications of the mobile application.

MOBILE module

Customers who purchase a calling system with the MOBIL module can reach recipients in another popular way - using the mobile app. In addition to the cost savings, there are other arguments in favour of such communication. For example, reaching people who have a certain status or are currently in a selected (even risky) area.

  • Mobile app for KISS

  • Communication via PUSH notifications to the phone

  • Selection of several user statuses

  • Reaching users in the selected area

  • Combination of conditions for addressing (location/status)

  • Saving resources compared to voice and SMS

MATRIX module

The MATRIX Convener is a useful tool for cities and municipalities to reach out to the public. Interested parties check the box on the municipal website to indicate what type of messages they are interested in and fill in their phone number. That's all. They then receive the requested information all the way to their mobile phone. That way, for example, they won't forget to re-park their car when the streets are being cleaned...

  • Precisely targeted messages to the mobile phone

  • Only the requested messages are delivered

  • Topic selection by the user

  • Automatically sent information

  • Example of headings: traffic, closures, cultural events, changes in office hours, etc.

  • Ideal tool for cities and municipalities


With MATRIX, people can choose what type of information they want to receive. For example, KISS will only send you information about cleaning in your street...


API module


The API module is useful in many ways - first of all, it offers a connection to the hardware, so you don't even need a phone to address people. For example, pressing the SOS button will initiate a call to the crisis team...

In addition to interfacing with hardware such as SOS buttons, industrial panels, tablets and other devices, KISS enables the use of sensors, for example. When a sensor detects a dangerously rising temperature in the server room, it sends information to the call system, which automatically notifies the technicians. If the production line stops and an employee presses the SOS button, the system automatically reaches out to management.

  • Connection to surrounding systems

  • Connection to hardware

  • Use of SOS buttons, doorbells, etc.

  • Connection to sensors and other input/output devices

  • Adjustable parameters

  • Initiating an address by pressing a button

  • Initiation of call when temperature exceeds


SHARP module

Already during the pilot operation within the Hradec Králové Region, SHARP has helped save several human lives. It automatically contacted volunteer rescuers who were close to the injured person. Thanks to SHARP and the professional intervention of the volunteers, help arrived before the ambulance arrived.

  • Shows the interventions on the map

  • Searching for the nearest paramedic

  • Reaches out to volunteers in mass

  • Plans a route to the injured

  • Displays available defibrillators

The SHARP module stands a bit apart from the main Convener branch. Its focus is different - it reaches out to volunteer rescuers who are close to the injured person when needed.


Use of the KISS system

KISS helps wherever you need to reach multiple recipients quickly and easily. It serves well, for example, in hospitals, manufacturing companies or retail chains. It also works as a means for cities and municipalities to communicate with residents.

Image by Piron Guillaume

Healthcare facilities

Trauma plans, rounds, ethics committee meetings, outreach to doctors and nurses. The system can also help in these cases in hospitals.


Companies and organizations

Convening a crisis team, informing employees across the board in case of power or network outages, convening meetings. This is not only what the Convener helps with in enterprises.

Image by Richard Goff

Volunteer rescue workers

Every second counts before an ambulance arrives at the injured person. Perhaps there is a person nearby who knows how to provide first aid. SHARP will find that person.


A system for different situations

KISS is prepared for a wide variety of situations that your organization may encounter. Whether it's an act of God, a technical failure or a hazardous substance leak from a nearby factory, the system is there to take care of communication in difficult moments. In the course of a normal working day, it can help with calling a meeting, informing colleagues or collecting suggestions from colleagues.

of reaching out:


Response rate:


Ease of use:


Natural disasters

The Czech Republic has been hit by a number of natural disasters in recent years. Floods and hurricanes have caused considerable damage, and other elements have also taken their toll. In such situations, quality communication is essential. KISS is ready for crisis moments...

  • Quick situational awareness

  • Transmitting instructions to all responsible persons

  • Communication inside and outside the organization or office

  • Constant overview of the status of the convocation

  • Possibility to connect to SOS buttons and other HW elements

Fast and quality communication during floods can save not only property, but often also health and lives...

With a few taps on the phone, the crisis manager can convene a team to deal with the situation. With a pre-prepared scenario, the risk of confusion and misunderstanding is reduced.

Collisions in production

Downtime in a manufacturing plant costs a lot of money. If production has already stopped, it needs to be restarted as soon as possible. KISS with its API module will get key people to a specific location and help reduce downtime - at the touch of

a button.

  • Notify employees of downtime on the fly

  • Convene management and crisis team

  • Easy to get started

  • Link to HW elements on the premises (buttons, doorknobs, sensors, etc.)

  • Storage of all contacts, including detailed statistics

Image by Christopher Burns

KISS therefore functions as a software layer closely linked to, for example, SOS buttons. When such a button is pressed, the system will automatically initiate a call. There is no need for a phone or anything else.

When the production line stops unexpectedly, every second is precious... KISS immediately connects management with the responsible employees.

Industrial Engineer

KISS will help staff to initiate what is known as a trauma or crisis plan. The convener does not need to know the details of the plan, the system will take care of everything itself.

Non-standard situation

When health and lives are at stake, security personnel - and more - need a reliable tool to ensure communication. KISS includes all the necessary functions to convene a team and launch a trauma plan in healthcare facilities or a crisis plan in businesses.

  • The tool for launching a trauma or crisis plan

  • In case of movement of dangerous persons

  • In emergency situations

  • In case of calamities, collisions and force majeure

  • In the event of building evacuation Summoning all persons called

  • Control of information transfer and response collection

  • Informing the population at large

  • Permanent overview of the information process

KISS is the system for emergencies where it quickly convenes the crisis team. If someone cannot be reached, they will try again in a moment. Alternatively, it will reach out to a selected representative.

SHARP in the news

The most famous KISS module - SHARP - is often in the media spotlight due to its merits. You've probably come across a story featuring volunteer rescue workers on TV, internet or other news outlets...


TV Barrandov


Online convening system

​ The caller runs in the cloud, so there is no need to install the system. The online operation of the convening system also has the advantage that you always have the most up-to-date version at hand.

Ask for details

KISS on a normal day

Critical situations are not the only times when the system helps with communication. It's perfect for any activity where you need to reach multiple recipients or call certain people to a selected location. KISS also handles surveys and questionnaires.


Chemical spills

If there is a chemical plant, ice rink or even a petrol station near you, you probably have emergency scenarios in place in case of a spill of hazardous substances. KISS with the MATRIX module can support this scenario and be a tool for quick mass communication.

  • Speed thanks to pre-prepared scenarios

  • Multiple ways to reach out - voice, SMS, mobile app and email

  • Message delivery control

  • Ability to escalate messaging

  • Run the scenario by any employee

The MATRIX module makes informing citizens about chemical spills very easy. In addition, KISS will of course contact members of the crisis team and wait for their response. Should anyone not be contacted, it will immediately contact the selected representatives and alert them to the situation.

Image by Luis Villasmil

Time is of the essence in a hazardous materials spill. KISS is able to call all the important people together thanks to pre-prepared scenarios.

KISS in companies


KISS in healthcare

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A live demonstration of the system will give you a more accurate idea of how KISS can be used and what it can do. Just call or text us...


Perhaps your company has specific needs, and you are hesitant to see if KISS can help. We will be happy to introduce the system in more detail and answer any questions you may have. You can reach us at the contacts below.

The system is running in many Czech companies - some of them are focused on production, others supply energy, and our customers include a major retail chain. KISS is also successfully helping in Czech hospitals. The SHARP module is helping to save lives in eastern Bohemia and other regions

will soon join in.

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