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Microsoft Office 365 is the solution for every business


Which allows you to use the latest technology without the need for additional investic do servers a software. Included is mail, document storage,   software for online konference_cc781905-58cccc-58bad5cf58d .


The entire solution  stored in  company data centers Microsoft.

Individual services are paid at a flat rate for each user per month, in the form of a subscription.


Microsoft Azure is a modern enterprise cloud 


Key benefits include saving money, faster development and integration of local applications and data.

It is used to create, host, and scale web applications through Microsoft data centers. Windows Azure thus offers so-called Microsoft Online Services - a package of online applications that act as services (no installation) related to data exchange, sharing, online communication (online conferences), etc., all based on the cloud.


Microsoft Dynamics CRM for effective customer relationship management


It is a leading customer relationship management solution from Microsoft. This solution provides great added value not only in the functionality of CRM (Customer Relationship Management), but mainly in the possibility of flexible editing and subsequent development using the Dynamics xRM Framework.


Dynamics xRM Framework


- xRM is a platform for developing completely new applications. The letter x can  replace.

- xRM is a strategic approach to building a unified system that brings all aspects of business together.  

- Dynamics xRM organization can on this framework to develop any new application in a very short time.

- xRM thus grows together with the organization and thus reduces ICT costs.


Microsoft SharePoint is a sophisticated DMS


This is a place for sharing information and knowledge in groups, but can also perform the function publication portal. It is used as a platform for company intranet, which provides information about events in the company, contacts and information about_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3f-1365 bb3b-136bad5cf58d_fills and staff of individual centers, personnel information and more.


Such an intranet provides new employees with a place to find the information they need, find co-workers to help them, and a universal guide to other applications used in the company.

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